About us

The Cooking Hacks is a new editorial project that wants to change the approach to cooking skills and food preparation, according the new way people approach to food.

We believe that every information must be able to meet the needs of the user and, thinking about Smart kitchen and food industry, we have created The Cooking Hacks (TCH), a new structure of technical data that brings information in the management of recipe, where they are needed.

TCH has an intuitive interface similar to a magazine and able to meet user needs through the possibility of customization and recalculation, and it is the first magazine/platform able to create, manage and update structured data in a perspective of satisfaction of human experience, in a single platform for all Smart Kitchen products.

All the recipes are designed to guide the user step by step in the realization of the recipe with clear and complete descriptions, also suggesting useful hacks to make the best use of every ingredient or kitchen tool, or changing the ingredients whenever possible. But that’s not enough: important news will follow the user directly in the recipes, where it is important to learn about them.

All you have to do is discover the potential of The Cooking Hacks by starting to browse the proposed contents!