Rice flour

Rice flour is the product of rice grinding, it is gluten-free and is suitable for batters and recipes with little leavening.

Strong White Flour

Strong white flour is great for bread and pizza dough because it allows them to rise properly which is crucial for the texture of your baking.


Cornflour is also called corn starch and serves to thicken both sweet and savoury liquid doughs such as creams, sauces and soups.

Bread Flour

Bread flour and the name suggests is perfect for baking bread, pizza bases and other baking that requires a more robust flour.

Wholemeal Flour

Wholemeal flour is plain flour with bran and germ added to the milling process. It can be used to make anything from pizza dough to cakes.

Plain Flour

Plain or all-purpose flour, is your best all-round choice for baking. It has an average protein content of between 8 and 12 precent, being a blend of hard and soft wheat its an extremely versatile choice.