Plates are pieces of crockery used to serve portions of food.


Plates are flat and most commonly circular pieces of crockery used to serve separate portions of food during a meal. Most plates have raised edges or a brim making it easier to place down on a table and to keep the food in place. Most plates are ceramic they can also be made of metal, glass, wood or plastic. They can be sold in sets with bowls or individually.

Some plates also can have ceremonial purposes or used as decoration.

Types of plates

Dinner plates – A dinner plate is the large plate in which a main course is served.

Wide rim plate – As the name suggests this plate has a wide rim specifically designed to keep the food being served in place. Pasta and risotto are commonly served in this kind of plate.

Side plates – A side plate is the smallest plate on the table. It is often used to put bread while you are eating a meal.