How to clean artichokes

To clean the artichokes quickly just follow some simple tips to avoid pricking yourself with the thorns or blackening your hands.

Artichokes are one of the most versatile vegetables for use in the kitchen, from risotto to savoury pies. However, it is necessary to pay some extra attention to clean the artichokes, both to avoid getting pricked and to avoid blackening of the hands, but also to remove the most fibrous parts and get to the heart, the best part of the artichoke. For greater clarity, you can also watch the video with the complete process.

Clean the artichokes

The cleaning of thorny artichokes and “romanesco” artichokes takes place in the same way, there are no substantial differences to pay attention to except for the presence of thorns.

Hack: how to remove the thorns from artichokes

The sharp thorns on top of artichoke leaves can be a nuisance when cleaning. To clean the thorns from the artichokes quickly, you can use this simple trick: turn on a stove, take the artichoke from the stem and quickly pass the thorns over the flame. In this way, the tips of the thorns will burn and will no longer be able to sting.

To clean the artichokes, start by detaching the outer petals which will have a harder consistency, up to the soft inner petals.
How to clean the artichokes
At this point, cut the stem, leaving a small piece if the recipe requires it, as in “romanesco” artichokes, or cut it at the base to allow the artichoke to sit flat.
Now move on to cut the tips of the leaves with scissors or a knife, according to your comfort, and with a spoon dig the centre of the artichokes to remove the choke and also the inner petals if you need them for stuffing.
How to clean the artichokes, the choke
At this point take a bowl full of water, add the juice of a lemon and immerse the artichokes, leaving them to soak in acidulated water for at least half an hour: this operation serves to prevent them from blackening, thus avoiding oxidation on contact with air. When you need to use them, drain them well from the water and use them according to the recipe.

Hack: how to clean artichoke black from your hands

Remember to use gloves to avoid getting your hands dirty with the black released by the artichokes. However, it may happen that you do not have gloves available, so use lemon juice or even the inside of the peel of squeezed lemons to rub well on the stained fingers: in this way, the black will come off and your hands will be clean again.