Lidl Offers Next Week: from 12 to 18 January 2023

Lidl offers of next week, the Lidl leaflet from 12 to 18 January 2023: XXL Week, vegan foods, clothes to stay warm, Kitchenware, DIY tools

Lidl Offers Next Week: from 12 to 18 January 2023

The new Lidl leaflet is online with next week’s offers valid from 12 to 18 January 2023, and the offers begin with XXL Week with products in packs with large quantities such as the Ham Slices (250g £3.49), Caffè crema classico or Espresso Cremoso (1.2Kg £7.99), Nutella (950g £5.49), Spaghetti (1.2Kg £1.69), Gammon steak (500g £3.29), Salmon fillets (600g £7.99) and much more. Furthermore Lidl continues with the Meat-Free January with vegan food, such as the Vegan Ice Dessert (£2.19), Tofu (£1.99), 6 Vegan Sausages (£1.59), Falafel (£1.25), and 2 Vegan Burgers (£1.59). You will find all the offers in the leaftlet at the end on this page.

Moving to the Non Food Lidl offers, you’ll find some clothes to keep warm, like the Plush Jumper (£12.99) or the 6.8kg Weighted Blanket (£39.99), but also some household cleaning accessories, such as the Garmet steamer (£19.99), the Hand-Held Steam Cleaner (£21.99), the SpotWash Spot Cleaner (£ 79.99), the Spray Mop (£10.99), and the 12m Heated Wing Clothes Airer (£ 49.99).

From Sunday 15 January there will be some stainless steel kitchenware, such as the stockpot set (£ 49.99), the frying pan (£16.99 for 24 cm or £19.99 for 28 cm), the casserole (£29.99), or the roasting try (£8.99), and also some appliances like the stainless steel deep fat fryer (£44.99) and the Panasonic 800W Microwave (£ 69.99). In addition, some DIY tools will be available for small home repairs. You’ll find everything in the gallery at the end of the page.

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