The properties and nutritional values of apricots, summer fruit par excellence and delicious ingredient in the kitchen in both sweet and savoury recipes


Summer is the season of apricots, healthy fruit with precious nutritional values, and they are an ingredient widely used in the kitchen both in sweet recipes (just think of the apricots in syrup) and savoury recipes too. From properties to uses, here is everything you need to know about it.

Apricots, properties and nutritional values

Tanning friends, apricots have a mix of beneficial substances for our body. Wanting to summarize: they have antioxidant power and promote vision health. Low in cholesterol, they contain a rich percentage of fibre, minerals and vitamin A. How many apricots can be eaten per day? Three can represent a good compromise. They contain about 48 calories per 100 gr and are rich in water.

Apricot recipes

Apricots for every occasion: starting from sweet recipes, you can only start from the preserves. Apricot jams are among the most loved and also used in pastry. As for desserts in the strict sense, you are spoiled for choice, but the most classic ones are the apricot clafoutis, suitable for the end of meals; apricot tartlets, perfect for a snack; the plumcake with apricots, to start the day in the best way and the sponge cake with apricots, suitable for any occasion. Among the light recipes stand out the smoothies, crumble, fruit salads and compotes that lend themselves to being vegan. Lastly, the savoury recipes in which these fruits can be used also deserve a mention. Salads, appetizers with cheeses, a few dishes of meat (in which, in general, dehydrated apricots are used, which go well with chicken) are among these.