Fontina cheese

Fontina is a typical Aosta Valley cheese, a great protagonist of fondues and recipes with melted melted cheese.

fontina cheese

Fontina is an Italian seasoned cheese, typical of the Val d’Aosta, recognized as a D.O.P. product. (Protected Designation of Origin). It is processed in the Aosta Valley huts and it is for this reason that it is one of the most common cheeses among the ingredients of the typical recipes of the refuges and, of course, of traditional regional cuisine.

Fontina d’Alpeggio looks like a semi-hard, aged cheese, characterized by a superficial crust and a soft interior: it is the ideal ingredient for typical dishes such as fondue and savory pies, but also for all pasta and side dishes that need a stringy and creamy cheese once melted and melted, just like the typical English (and American) dish mac and cheese or the pumpkin and fontina risotto.

The ideal match for fontina? As with many Alpine cheeses, a glass of delicate red wine to enhance the flavor of the cheese. Gruviera and edam, on the other hand, are good alternatives to fontina.

Nutritional values ​​of fontina

Like most cheeses, fontina is rich in calcium and saturated fat, but also has high sodium values. 100 grams of cheese have around 389 calories.

Fontina is made from cow’s milk and does not contain lactose: this means that it can also be enjoyed by people with a slight intolerance to the latter.