Parsley is a super versatile herb used for both its flavour and to garnish many Mediterranian dishes.


Parsley is a herb native to the Mediterranean. It’s great for adding flavour to a wide variety of dishes. It is commonly used to garnish soups, pasta dishes or stir-fries.

Not only that but it can be used in salads, marinades and sauces like pesto, salsa verde chimichurri sauce.

Some people also drink parsley juice and parsley tea for its health benefiting qualities.

Types and Varieties of Parsley

Flat-Leaf Parsley – Flat-leaf parsley has long stems which reach 60 – 90cm in height and small, flat leaves with serrated edges. It is often referred to as Italian parsley as it commonly used in Italian food.

Curly Parsley – The curly parsley plant only grows to about 30 – 45cm and has bunched or ‘curly’ leaves. It has a milder flavour than flat-leaf parsley so it is commonly used as a garnish.

Nutritional information about Parsley

Parsley is rich in vitamins A, B, C and K. It has high levels of iron and potassium and it is a good source in the antioxidants luteolin and the apigenin. Apigenin has strong anti-inflammatory properties.

There are only about 36 calories for 100g of fresh parsley.

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