Strawberries are the protagonists of many sweet recipes and also some savoury ones. It is a fruit rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C, with many benefits for our body.


Spring is the perfect time to taste strawberries: fruit rich in benefits, it is the protagonist of various sweet and savoury recipes, everyone usually likes them. For their rather sweet taste and, probably, for their appearance, children also eat them willingly. Fortunately, because like all seasonal fruit, even strawberries can boast nutrients that are worth taking advantage of.

The nutritional values ​​of strawberries

Rich in vitamins (especially C), fibre, mineral salts (potassium), flavonoids and anthocyanins, strawberries help to keep us in excellent health. They contain 32 calories per 100 grams and are also suitable for those suffering from diabetes or dieters.
How many strawberries a day can you eat, then? It is good not to exceed the recommended dose, which amounts to a maximum of two bowls of fruit salad.

Strawberries, the benefits for the body

But let’s get to the benefits of strawberries to our body, which are not few and embrace numerous aspects of our health:

  • They play an important role in cardiovascular protection.
  • They have a neuro-protective effect thanks to the gallic acid contained in them (known for its antioxidant power and its neuroprotective action).
  • They are anti-inflammatory.
  • They are antioxidants.
  • They are purifying.
  • They are draining (as they are low in sodium).
  • They are valid allies in the fight against water retention.
  • Some studies have shown how they could prevent the onset of certain oncological diseases.
  • Among the benefits for the teeth, strawberries are an excellent whitener. Just simply rub them over evenly.

The side effects of strawberries

Are strawberries bad? No, if you buy with awareness. They have such a reputation as they are on the list of foods that contain the highest number of pesticides. To avoid this danger, however, simply rely on your trusted grower and, once at home, wash them perfectly with baking soda.
Eating strawberries during pregnancy is not recommended due to the danger associated with toxoplasmosis, and those suffering from kidney stones should consume them in moderation. Finally, they can cause allergic reactions in predisposed subjects.

Recipes with strawberries

Before even moving on to recipes with strawberries, you can’t help but mention their ideal combinations. Strawberries and cream and strawberries and chocolate constitute, for many, the apotheosis of gluttony. Tasted after a meal or snack, they can satisfy the desire for dessert without doing too much damage.
In addition to the classic strawberry pies, these juicy fruits lend themselves to the preparation of delicious spoon desserts such as semifreddo, puddings, mousses. Also not to be forgotten is strawberry ice cream, perfect to be enjoyed during the summer.
But, contrary to popular belief, they also lend themselves to the creation of some interesting savoury recipes: among these the famous strawberry risotto. Finally, by their nature, they are ideal for light and dietetic recipes, fast and delicious and even for vegan recipes.