Blenders are used to mix, purée, and blend food like smoothies and baby food!


A Blender is an electrical kitchen device. They come in many different shapes and sizes. They are used to mix, purée, and blend food. they are great for smoothies, baby food and soups.

Types of blenders

Countertop blenders – They usually have a glass or plastic jug (or bowl) with a blade in the centre.

Hand blenders – also know as ‘Immersion blenders’ or ‘stick blenders ’. Hand blenders are a handheld blender. They are handheld devices, great for small and large quantities of food.

Blenders vs Food processor

Both have sharp blades that spin so what’s the difference? Historically blenders are better for liquids like blending soups and making smoothies while food processors are used for slicing vegetables, making sauces like pesto, kneading dough and mixing cake batter.

However, this isn’t the case anymore. Both have been becoming more and more similar as manufacturers add new functions, settings and attachments to both.