Hand whisk

Hand whisks are cooking utensils that are used to blend ingredients or aerate a mixture.

Hand whisk

Hand whisks are cooking utensils used to whisk ingredients or aerate a mixture. Hand whisking is a simple concept, but most people shy away from it as they think it’s too difficult and time-consuming. This may be true in comparison to electric whisks or cooking machines but its a good skill to have and it really isn’t as tricky as you may think!

Non-electric whisks have some advantages! Egg whites and cream are very easy to it’s easy to overbeat. Doing it by hand gives you more control over what you are doing and chances are you’ll get tired before the past the point of no return!

The most common type of manual whisk is called balloon whisk. They get their name from the balloon shape they have. Balloon whisks great at trapping air into mixtures making it your best choice for egg whites.

Hand whisking method

Hopefully, we can share some tips and tricks with you that will make hand whisking easier!

  • When whisking the movement should come from the wrist, you are going to get tired really quickly if you use your whole arm.
  • Depending on personal preference you can either hold the bowl as you whisk or keep it flat on a surface. What I like to do is fold up a cloth and place it under half of the bowl, this gives you a good angle to work with.
  • While you are whisking make little circles (or a looping motion) with your wrist this will allow lots of air to be incorporated.