Lidl Offers Next Week: from 23 to 29 March 2023

Lidl offers of next week, the Lidl leaflet from 23 to 29 March: Easter, Garden, Fashion

Lidl Offers Next Week: from 23 to 29 March 2023

The new Lidl leaflet is online with next week’s offers valid from 23 to 29 March , it starts with Easter, a selection of wines, the special about Garden, Lidl Fashion and other Non Food offers. You will find all the offers in the leaftlet at the end on this page.

The offers about Easter include 2 Beef Wellingtons (£9.99 660g), the Scottish Salmon Side (£9.99 600g), the Curried Cauliflower & Kale Tartlet (£1.79), 2 White Chocolate Soufflés (£1.99), the Macarons (£3.99), the Vegan Jelly Bunnies (£3.49), the Enchanted Large Egg (£2.99), the Giant Egg (£9.99). Among the wines we have the Encostas De Caíz Avesso, Vinho Verde, 2022 (£7.99), the Riesling Rheingau, Rheingau, 2021 (£6.99), the Montepulciano D’abruzzo, 2019 (£8.99), and much more.

Moving to the Non Food Lidl offers, you’ll find the Adults’ Lidl Sliders (£4.99), the Mini Lidl Ball (£2.99), the Men’s Lidl Swim Shorts (£5.99), the Adults’ Lidl Trainers (£14.99). While for gardening we have the Hydrangea Paniculata (£9.99), the Artificial Leaf Hedge Privacy Screen (£29.99), the Assorted British Climbers (£3.99), the 280L Storage Box (£34.99), the Solar Bulb String Lights (£11.99). You’ll find everything in the gallery at the end of the page.

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