Recall of Mynydd Mostyn gelato ice cream products due to production in an unapproved establishment

Llaethdy Mynydd Mostyn Dairy is recalling some batches of their gelato ice cream products because they have been produced in an unapproved establishment

Recall of Mynydd Mostyn gelato ice cream products due to production in an unapproved establishment

The Food Standard Agency has posted on its site a recall notice about some batches of the Llaethdy Mynydd Mostyn Dairy gelato ice cream products. The problem is about food safety conditions regarding production: the products recalled have in fact been produced in an unapproved establishment, not in line with food hygiene and legislative requirements, so they may be unsafe. This recall is Wales specific.

If you have bought one of the ice creams products listed below, check the Batch Code and the Best Before date: if they match with the recalled product, do not eat it. Instead, return it to the store where you bought it for a refund. The batch code and best before date can be found at the bottom of the tub.

Here the data of the recalled products:

Mynydd Mostyn gelato ice cream

  • Products: Mynydd Mostyn Fanilla / Vanilla, Mynydd Mostyn Lotus Biscoff, Mynydd Mostyn Mefus / Strawberry, Mynydd Mostyn Mint A Siocled / Mint Choc Chip, Mynydd Mostyn Pretzel Siocled / Chocolate Pretzels, Mynydd Mostyn Rocky Road, Mynydd Mostyn Siocled Cnau Cyll / Choco Hazelnut, Mynydd Mostyn Siocled Dwbl / Double Chocolate, Mynydd Mostyn Taffi A Chyffug / Toffee & Fudge
  • Pack size: 125ml and 440ml
  • Batch code: 33521, 21326, 27821, 25921, 23821, 22121, 21521, 19421, 15921, 14521
  • Best before: All dates up to and including 1 December 2022
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