Bacon is cured meat usually sold in rashers or lardons. Bacon is a popular breakfast meat in the UK and can be found in many recipes.


Bacon, the world seems to be obsessed with the stuff! It comes from the belly or the back of the pig. Bacon is cured which means the meat is salted and it is usually smoked after. This preserves the meat and contributes to the taste of the final product. Bacon is a very versatile ingredient in cooking. Its strong flavour can be used to enhance the flavours of soups, it can be added to salads or give the final touch to a cheeseburger!

Types of bacon

  • American style or streaky bacon – is cut in a variety of thicknesses and has streaks of fat through it.
  • Rashers – The most popular bacon type in the UK. They are a different shape and they are less fatty than the American style. This is bacon because they are cut from a different part of the pig.
  • lardons (cubes) – these can be used in quiche, risotto and omelettes!

Bacon can also be used as a substitute for pancetta in such recipes like carbonara!

Cooking methods

Depending on your desired result there are many ways to cook bacon. You can wrap bacon rashers around chicken breasts and bake it in the oven, this crisps the bacon and keeps the chicken moist and gives it a great hearty taste.

for a healthier alternative to frying, you can grill bacon easily, this allows excess fat to drip off. Don’t forget to put a tray underneath to catch the excess!

You can even cook bacon in a microwave, the best method is to place a small bowl or mug upside down on a plate, then place some bacon rashers around the bowl. This will allow excess fats to drain away onto the plate! This method is perfect when you are in the mood for a quick bacon sandwich!

Bacon nutrition

For may years bacon was considered really bad for you as it is high in saturated fat and cholesterol. Now medical professionals think it’s not as harmful as previously believed. In 100g of bacon, there are about 458 calories. Bacon does have a high sodium content so it is best to consume it in moderation as part of a balanced diet.

Bacon and breakfast

Bacon is so synonymous with breakfast it is hard to imagine a full brekkie without it! It is often fried and served with eggs, atop a tower of pancakes under lashings of syrup, or in a humble bacon roll.

But what makes bacon such a popular breakfast choice? Well apart from being delicious, it’s quick to prepare and doesn’t spoil overnight. This means you can prepare it, eat it and start your day!