Mint is a fresh and aromatic herb used in drinks and many dishes all over the world.


Mint (also know as spearmint or garden mint) is a herb used as a flavouring for herbal teas, drinks, syrup, sweets, and ice cream. The leaves have an aromatic and fragrant flavour with a fresh aftertaste.

The oil extracted from mint leaves is called ‘oil of spearmint’ and is used as a flavouring. It has broad, bright green coloured leaves with serrated edges. The mint plant also can grow pink or white in flowers.

It can be sold both fresh and dried. Mint raita is made with fresh mint and yogurt, it’s commonly served with curry or in wraps.

Mint is used in many classic cocktails like; Mint juleps, Mojitos, and the beloved summertime favourite Pimms!

Mint sauce is a common accompaniment for roasted lamb.

Recipe suggestion: Mint and pea soup, Vegetarian stuffed peppers