Pumpkins are more than just a Halloween decoration! They have a rich and vibrant taste that can go well in both sweet and savour recipes.


Pumpkins, the glorious orange squash that dominates the fruit and vegetable section every October. Unfortunately in the UK pumpkins tend to disappear from the shops as soon as Halloween is over, this is a shame because there are so many wonderful recipes you can make with our orange friend!

Pumpkins grow above ground in pumpkin patches they are technically a fruit but they can be used in savoury ways. The most common variety has a bright orange colour but some types are blue, white, green and bright red!

As mentioned before fresh pumpkins are in the shops for a very limited time but you can buy pre-cooked canned pumpkin puree throughout the year.

Pumpkin recipes

Sadly the most common use for pumpkins in the UK is carving spooky designs for Halloween. We want to change that by giving you some great recipe ideas!

  1. Pumpin pie – an American classic, the pumping pie truly lives up to its illustrious reputation! It can be made with both fresh and canned pumpkin, and it traditionally served with a big dollop of whipped cream!
  2. Soup – this seasonal soup is amazing. It’s a really hands-off recipe because you can slow roast the pumpkin beforehand which equals less time standing in front of the stove!
  3. Souffle – can be made both sweet and savoury! You can make a savour pumpkin souffle for dinner and server it alongside a green salad or other side dishes while a sweet pumpkin souffle is an impressive but deceptively easy dessert option.
  4. Risotto – squashes, in general, go really well in risottos. When cooked they melt into the rice and give the whole dish a luxuriously creamy taste.

Recipe suggestion: Pumpkin souffle