Sugar snap peas

The sugar snap peas are legumes of which you can eat the pod. They are used in Chinese cuisine but also in local cuisine, with butter or in a pan.


Artichokes have an aspect that makes them immediately recognizable, as well as their flavor: they are typical of many healthy recipes.


Spinach is an extremely versatile vegetable: excellent both raw and cooked, they are also the fundamental ingredient of various fillings.


Radicchio is a bitter and crunchy vegetable, with a purplish red color and an elongated or rounded shape according to the variety considered.


Courgettes are super popular summer squash, used in countless recipes both sweet and savoury.


Pumpkins are more than just a Halloween decoration! They have a rich and vibrant taste that can go well in both sweet and savour recipes.


Peas are a legume commonly used soups, in stir-fries, curry, rice dishes and many other dishes.