Baking tray

Baking trays are used to cook food in the oven. They come in many shapes and sizes and can come in stainless steel, aluminium and glass.

Baking tray

Baking trays are rimmed trays that fit into an oven. Baking trays can vary in shape and size, they either act as a shelf in an oven for other trays to rest on or they can be used for baking bread, cookies and pizzas. You can also use them for roasting meats and vegetables. Some also come with removable racks, the racks are great for cooking things like bacon as it allows the fat to drip off them while cooking!

Baking trays are usually made of aluminium or stainless steel but they can also be made of glass.

A good tip for keeping your trays clean is to line them with reusable tray liners. These are great because instead of constantly having to wash a big thing like a baking tray you can simply remove the liners and wipe them down. Another good way of keeping them clean is to line them with tin foil.

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