Baking Accessories

Slotted turner

The slotted turner is a convenient accessory that allows you to detach, lift and turn sweet and savoury food during or after cooking.

Pastry board

The pastry board is a rigid slab: usually made of wood, it is ideal for rolling out and working the dough and convenient to clean and store after use.

Cake stand

The cake stand allows you to easily decorate homemade desserts and serve them, there are also swivel and fixed cake stands.

Tin foil

Tin foil or aluminium foil is used for wrapping food and lining baking traps to prevent food from sticking.

Basting brush

The basting brush can be used to oil and butter baking pans, to prepare rustic dishes and meat for baking or to decorate cakes and biscuits.

Piping bag

The piping bag allows you to decorate cakes and biscuits with creams and icing, to fill cream puffs and also to create decorations for savory dishes.