Bowls have many uses in the kitchen, they come in countless different colours, shapes and sizes!


Bowls are round dishes that are used to prepare and serve food. They come in many different shapes and sizes and materials. Bowls that we eat from are most commonly made of ceramic but bowls used for cooking can also come in metal, wood, plastic, glass and many other materials. They can be used to hold liquids like soups, batters and cake mixtures or solid foods like pasta or risotto.

There are many different bowls designed to fit multiple different purposes.

  • Soup bowls – they are usually medium sized and they can be either deep and shallow
  • Salad bowls – are usually quite big to hold several portions of salad, sometimes they come with matching serving spoons
  • Rice bowls – are traditionally quite small they are usually ceramic or wooden
  • Mixing bowls – this type of bowl are a baker’s best friend! They come in lots of sizes ranging from large to small. Its primary use is to mix food together.
  • Dipping bowls – these are usually quite small, there intended use is to hold a small amount of sauce that you can dip food into!

Bowls can also be things of beauty. Some bows are painted with wonderful designs. The can come in an endless range of styles, colours and shapes for every taste!

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