Beef stock

Beef stock is a meat broth made from the less valuable cuts of beef boiled with vegetables, it is ideal for meatballs and stuffed pasta.

Beef stock, broth

Beef stock is an irreplaceable ingredient for flavouring soups, roasts, soups and risottos: a good meat stock can really make a difference and make your recipes even tastier. It is a thick broth with a warm colour, and although it requires care and time to prepare it (it is certainly not a quick preparation since it takes hours to cook it to perfection), the result of a good beef stock made at home is different and much closer to tradition than what you get with the nut or ready-made products on sale in the supermarket. In fact, to prepare the beef stock, it takes at least three hours to simmer and mix with the aromas (usually carrots, onions, celery and spices) and the cuts of beef to be used are not the most valuable, but rather, bones and scraps are also fine. Unlike mixed meat broth (with veal, chicken, capon and other types of meat) or vegetables, moreover, beef broth is less delicate and with a stronger flavour. The homemade broth can be cooked in a large saucepan or in a pressure cooker, which allows you to reduce the time to dry it: as the cooking continues, the beef broth will be increasingly thick and thick, ready to be filtered and used in cooking tortellini, meatballs, risotto and roasts or to be eaten alone, both as a tonic and as a consommé.

Nutritional values ​​of beef stock

Beef stock is a fairly caloric broth compared to vegetable broth, considering that it contains part of the fat dissolved during preparation: this also makes it less suitable during the weaning phase of newborns compared to lighter animal broths such as that of chicken or veal. 100 ml of beef stock contain about 13 calories.