Slotted turner

The slotted turner is a convenient accessory that allows you to detach, lift and turn sweet and savoury food during or after cooking.

Slotted turner

The slotted turner is a tool that allows you to lift, move and turn food, both during cooking and after. It can be used to remove biscuits, sweet and savoury pies, brownies, lasagna and any other food that needs to be removed from a flat surface, both covered with parchment paper and smooth, or it can be used in cooking to turn omelettes, crepes, fish or burgers, even on cookware with non-stick coatings.

A common slotted turner is similar to a spatula, formed by a long handle (often pierced at the top so that it can be hung together with other ladles and kitchen accessories) and by a flat blade, ideal for lifting food. The surface of the blade can be smooth (in this case it’s called flat turner), perforated or with grooves to allow sauces and oil to filter easily; the most used materials for this tool are steel and wood, but the use of silicone is also becoming increasingly widespread.

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