Christmas recipes for gifts to give to friends

Many ideas for gastronomic and original DIY Christmas gifts: from sweets and biscuits to recipes in jars, from preserves to flavoured oils.

Christmas recipes for gifts to give to friends

Christmas recipes for gifts to give to friends are a great alternative to the usual Christmas gifts that, more often than not, do not suit the tastes of the recipients. Focusing on the gastronomic sector is usually always on the safe side. Not to mention the added value of which DIY culinary gifts for Christmas are enriched. Whether it’s sweets – including cookies and cakes – or recipes in a jar, it doesn’t matter, among the Christmas recipes (and not only) there is to indulge yourself. What matters is the thought, and being in your hands a package packed with love with unique content of its kind (because it is made with your own hands) can only instil joy in those who receive it. Here are some suggestions about it for original gastronomic gifts.

Homemade sweets to give as gifts

Gastronomic gifts, especially those that have to do with various Christmas sweets and treats, are not only always welcome, but also gratify those who make them, this is a fact. Among cakes, biscuits, chocolates and nougat many delicacies can be baked. In short, why shop when you can give similar goodies to friends and relatives?

Treats to give at Christmas

Among the quick desserts to give at Christmas are brownies, chocolate squares enriched with dried fruit. Equally greedy are the fudge, very simple chocolates to be made with few ingredients but which melt in your mouth. On the same kind you can opt for truffles, or energy bites if you prefer, which can be rolled in bitter cocoa powder, in coconut rapè, in chopped hazelnuts or, again, in coloured sprinkles. Finally, how about the madeleines? Soft and fragrant, they have an elegant look that makes them super festive.

Cakes to give as gifts

As for the cakes you can give at Christmas, you could opt for the classic ones such as Christmas pudding, gingerbread or little mince pies, all preparations rich in dried fruit, candied fruit and honey. Or for a tasty stollen, maybe with marzipan & hazelnut filling, or with poppy seed filling. If, on the other hand, you intend to take care of the dessert for Christmas lunch, you can always bring the Christmas Cake, which never goes out of fashion and usually satisfies all tastes. If any of the guests have special dietary needs, you can always opt for one easy Gluten-Free Lemon Drizzle Cake.

Cookies to give as gifts that are preserved

The biscuits to be given at Christmas are precious allies in the enterprise of poking friends, parents, grandchildren & Co. Mostaccioli also last a few days, if they are well packaged and kept away from heat sources. They are traditional Italian Christmas biscuits among the most appetizing given their captivating chocolate coating. Other cookies that you can give at Christmas are cantucci: they also come from Italy and they are delicious too. Taking a bite out of a chocolate chip cookie is like being transported into a parallel dimension. If, on the other hand, you want to stay in the fully Christmas atmosphere, why not try your hand at gingerbread cookies or in a more scenic gingerbread house? Friends will be amazed!

Recipes in a jar for Christmas

Then there is a particular category of preparations, the recipes in jars, which allow us to give our loved ones a mix of ingredients – enclosed in a specially packaged glass jar – ready to give life to the current recipe. One of the most classic is the preparation for hot chocolate, but there is also the preparation for biscuits (such as shortbread, for example) and that for cakes. In this case, there are no limits, just remember to accompany the jar with the list of ingredients (specifying the ones that need to be added, usually liquids between eggs and butter) together with the recipe to follow: such as the recipe for shortcrust pastry without eggs or that of gluten-free biscuits, for those with intolerances. You can also think of granola or muesli for a porridge, which are ready to use, as well as soups of cereals and legumes, which just need to be cooked.

DIY culinary Christmas gifts

But let’s get to the part dedicated to preserves, jams and the like, the most popular DIY culinary gifts for Christmas in homemade food hampers. Good ideas can be chestnut jam and apple jam, which can be made during the period before the holidays. The popularity of pickles does not diminish, preparations that require, however, an adequate rest before tasting (which must be taken into account). Olives, aubergines, courgettes, chillies, the choice is vast when it comes to vegetables to preserve. How about pesto? Even this creamy dressing can go straight into airtight containers to be embellished with various labels. In addition to the classic basil pesto, you can give the rocket pesto or the walnut sauce, and for a more particular touch the pistachio pesto.

Very simple to obtain and perfect for making a good impression is, again, the flavoured oil. You can do it with chilli, basil, lemon, rosemary, garlic and much more. Just pour it into a nice bottle and add the aroma of the moment, then close it well and let it rest for a few weeks. On the same genre is flavoured vodka. Combine with the smooth Christmas spices, citrus peel or tarragon proceeding as above. Finally, you can also give homemade vanilla extract as a gift: remind your friends and relatives to wait a little longer before opening it, but then its aroma will be unmistakable.

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