Pasta machine

The pasta machine, or pasta maker, allows you to easily flatten fresh pasta to obtain lasagna and other homemade pasta.

Pasta machine

The pasta machine, also known as pasta maker, is a fundamental tool for obtaining fresh homemade pasta sheets, both with egg or without, to be used in recipes of all kinds. Thanks to the roller mechanism that allows you to flatten the dough, in fact, it allows you to create uniform and smooth sheets, to be left whole for a rustic result or to be finished for more precise lasagne, or to be cut according to the pasta format you want (tagliatelle, tagliolini, pappardelle, maltagliati, farfalle and many others).

The types of pasta machine

This kitchen accessory can be mainly of two types: manual or electric. The manual pasta machine is made of steel and is characterized by a crank, which allows you to turn the rollers and flatten the doses of dough “by hand” after inserting it into the instrument, producing thin sheets to be pulled away and left lying on hold to be boiled. The electric pasta machine, on the other hand, is a more professional tool with a motor and, depending on the model, it can be used both as a home model for your needs and for obtaining industrial quantities of pasta.

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