Capers, in salt and in vinegar, are typical of Mediterranean and Sicilian cuisine, perfect for flavouring pasta and fish.

Orange extract

The orange extract allows you to flavour creams and doughs for cakes in a few moments, mixing it directly with the batter and mixing.

Rum Flavour

Rum aroma is a quick and immediate solution for flavouring doughs and creams without resorting to the use of the homonymous liqueur.

Food coloring

Food colouring allows glazes, creams and doughs to take on a bright and vibrant colour. It can be natural or synthetic and can be found in various forms.


Beloved the world over, coffee is more than just a pick me up! Coffee is made by brewing ground and roasted coffee beans. It can be espresso, macchiato, cappuccino, americano, cafè latte or flat white.

Mixed peel

The mixed peel boosts the flavour of many traditional desserts, from the Christmas cake to the fruitcake and puddings.

Vanilla pod

Vanilla pods are used many desserts, puddings and baking recipes like cakes, brownies and cupcakes. It is also used to make ice cream!